About 1-Page

In their own words: “1-Page developed a new system of engagement for job seekers to pitch their value in the form of a 1-Page Job Proposal and for companies to hire talent beyond resumes.

Our Role

We've built all of the technology behind the 1-Page recruitment platform. Starting from a complete rewrite of the MVP we've been extending the system functionality for over 2 years.

Scope of services included hosting, maintenance and monitoring under heavy usage to ensure proper and optimal working conditions.

1-Page went public on Australian market while running platform fully developed by Evojam.


I’m pleased to provide this testimonial to Marek G, CEO of Evojam Company. I have had a pleasure of working with Evojam Team since 2013, and they are still continuing to be our most reliable software development company. They perfectly understand our market, clients and the sense of urgency to develop features given the pressure of competition. They went above and beyond to deliver crucial features in crunch times I truly appreciate and recognize their agile practices and the beautiful interfaces they deliver. In addition to development they also maintained and supported our application from scratch. Within no time we had our MVP launched into the market and we started acquiring revenue. I highly recommend Evojam due to their supportive and superior approach in delivering software.
— Aditi Swamy, Head of Product at 1-Page.com

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