Evojam works with a German startup which aims to streamline documentation flow in manufacturing industry. They saw an opportunity in the fact that today most of the documentation is still handled on paper. They want to change that and their clients already use their platform in their factories.

In the Heart of German Manufacturing

Munich Bayern - Capital of German industry

Our client is located in the heart of German manufacturing ecosystem - near Munich in Bayern. This provides them with unique opportunities. They can tap directly into the industrial know-how as well as reach companies who will benefit from modernizing their documentation workflow the most. That is how they saw a big problem in the way factories handle documentation on paper.


Innovative Solution for Industrial Information Documentation


Our client set out to build a solution that will provide a visual, step-by-step guidance to factory workers. Using digital distribution the platform helps facility managers ensure the documentation is always up-to date. It makes it easy to push new version of the instructions to everyone who needs it in seconds.

Our client’s platform distributes the documentation to tablets, computers and other devices over-the-air. It contains a modular documentation editor which includes image and video editing tools. It enables documentation creators to add decision steps, as well as safety and quality checks. The platform also generates contextual QR codes that can be placed in relevant places on the factory floor. It’s an easy way for workers to locate the right documentation at the right moment.


Finding Solid Software Vendor

For a startup to be a reliable partner for the big, serious factories they need to provide high-quality solution! This is why they needed to find a solid software consulting company. One that would deliver quality that industrial clients expect.

Our client considered Evojam along with a few of other companies from Germany and other European countries. The thing that convinced them to chose Evojam was our attention to quality and significant experience in Angular 2, which was a new thing on the back then.


Launch Of Cooperation

Krystian Pudlik

We kicked it off by doing a comprehensive code audit to learn what was already built. The client also wanted our help in picking the best components for their feature-rich image editor.

From the start Krystian Pudlik is the main developer on the Evojam side. He is a great match for this project thanks to his dedication to quality, solid engineering knowledge, expertise in the newest versions of Angular and his sheer talent for software development.

We started the development from new frontend modules that enrich the process of building documentation. They were based on the newest version of Angular framework and they are being constantly upgraded to avoid building technical debt.


Scaling the Development

Over time our cooperation branched out into a few parallel projects. Among those there is a mobile web application that follows the Progressive Web App (PWA) standard, which means it can be installed on a tablet and run just like a native application.

We also implemented platform internationalization, using custom scripts to build Angular application from multiple code repositories.

Technology Stack, Tools & the Software Development Process


In order to deliver high quality software we needed to ensure we had the right tools, technologies and process for the project. Careful decisions included researching available frameworks, conducting tests and assessing the livelihood of communities behind the chosen solutions.

Here’s a subset of the technology in this project: Angular, RESTful API, NodeJS, Hapi, KnexJS, SASS, ngrx, RxJS, Typescript, Postgres, Angular Material 2, Karma & Jasmine, GitLab, Slack, YouTrack.

Along the way the flow of work has also changed - Evojam advised the client in introducing Scrum framework to manage the product and software development.

evojam-team-tiles evojam logo.jpeg

Scaling The Business - New Modules & Client Feedback

While Evojam builds new modules for the platform, the client’s team is focused on gathering valuable feedback from their existing clients. It’ll help them define the product and onboard new clients.