Video content producers and distributors are facing a widespread problem: piracy. By 2022, the losses of TV and film industries caused by duplicating content without permission may reach even $52bn. The solution to the problem can be found in technology - real-time data processing, which requires high scalability. Evojam joined a quest of intellectual property protection while working with a client of ours, a ready-to-use VOD and PPV (pay per view) platform.

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Detecting fraudulent behaviors of video viewers needs to take place in real time and deal with large loads of data incoming simultaneously.


The Smartest Way to Sell and Protect Premium Videos

The unique suite of services by our client’s platform:

  1. VOD and PPV platform

  2. Monetization

  3. Video streaming protection

Their team noticed that protecting the wide distribution of premium video is connected with many issues. The team came up with a concrete vision for the solution and flexibility about the way of implementing it – and this is when Evojam comes in.


The Launch of Evojam Cooperation

Our client approached Evojam when they realized that the project needed more capacity than their regular team. Also, they were looking for a partner who could offer advice and educate on the right technological solutions for their product.

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Evojam services in this project

  • backend software development on top of AWS Lambda and AWS IoT

  • architecture and solutions consulting

  • security and scalability consulting

  • infrastructure configuration and maintenance (DevOps) on AWS infrastructure

  • frontend development in React

  • mobile SDK development for iOS and Android

  • sharing Scrum experience

  • implementing the project structure in Atlassian tools

  • project management support: building backlog, sprint planning & retrospectives.

Product Workshop

The cooperation started with the workshop for the product owner, software engineers and system architect. Together, we outlined the desired solution and broke the idea into a backlog. We ensured that the architecture design could be developed iteratively so we can all learn as we go along. The team size was changing according to the client’s demand.


Platform Features and Product Development


The data is collected in the cloud, which enables real-time fraud detection.

Fast, Faster, Real Time – the Complexity of the Challenge

The complexity of the application lies in achieving near real-time identification and session control combined with seamless integration of the tool for the end user. The platform needed to support the FIFO rule with a customizable limit of concurrent playback sessions per video event. This could only be solved with a scalable, resilient and fast backend.

Fraud Identification & Session Control for Individual Users

The new feature Evojam helped building involves tracking and identification of individual video viewers. The data is collected in the cloud, which enables real-time fraud detection. As soon as the fraudulent behaviour is detected, the viewers’ session can be immediately closed. The data is also stored for further analysis.

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Scalability - Cost Effective Adaptation to Demand

Another challenge Evojam took up was the changing system load. It could vary extremely as the platform gained more traction. A fixed infrastructure capable of handling maximum capacity would only result in high server costs.

Evojam suggested and delivered a solution built with AWS Lambda. It scales automatically while adapting to changing demand. As a result, the infrastructure costs are strictly correlated with the generated income and significantly lower than in the case of high-capacity fixed infrastructure.

While building the solution, we performed load testing to verify the scalability of the application.

Techstack: NodeJS, AWS IoT, AWS Lambda, React, AWS ElasticSearch, AWS ElastiCache (Redis), AWS VPC