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In order to help us hire the best people, we've built a list of personal traits and skills we want the candidates to have. Please note that the salary levels below are for developer profile only. Other positions may have different salary ranges.



3 000+ PLN

This is you if you've had some professional experiences being a programmer, some work assignments or graduated from a technical school.


7 500+ PLN

This is you if you have a couple years of professional experience as a programmer and at least several projects completed. You feel you’ve mastered one programming language and set of tools around it.


13 000+ PLN

This is you if you have a few years of professional experience as a senior developer, team leader or architect. You have broad technical knowledge and deep technical expertise in specific areas.





Q: What makes evojam different from other companies I might want to join?

Q: What are the kind of clients do you work with?

Q: What kind of projects don’t you do?

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