Location: Warszawa, Rzeszów
Seniority: Junior, Mid or Senior. Requirements below are for medium experience. Juniors and seniors need to adjust accordingly :)

What you'll do (aka Scope of Work)

  • Building advanced web application frontend within professional and Agile environment.
  • Extending and improving functionality and architecture of the frontend.
  • Defining APIs.
  • Improving architecture of existing applications, refactoring.
  • Helping fellow team members improve by doing code reviews on an ongoing basis.
  • Training and coaching junior team members.
  • Possibility to contribute to our JavaScript-related blogs: triangular.io, tech.evojam.com or open source side-projects.

What we look for (aka Requirements)

  • Great Knowledge of JavaScript.
  • Great command of CSS3, HTML5.
  • Experience in at least one of of MV* JavaScript frameworks. React and Angular are preferred.
  • Ability to design APIs and agree contract with backend.
  • Experience using frontend testing tools, ex. KarmaJS, JasmineJS or Protractor.
  • Decent command of English is necessary – both written and spoken.

What you get (aka Benefits)

  • Learning, learning and growth. Technology & soft skills.
  • Great team.
  • Modern, constantly-updated tech stack.
  • Interesting, ambitious, global projects.
  • All the tools you need.
  • Great, mature software development process.
  • Professional, Agile project management.
  • Salary according to our transparent criteria.
    • Senior: 13 000+ PLN
    • Mid: 7 500+ PLN
    • Junior: 3 000+ PLN
  • Opportunity to grow as technical writer or public speaker in your area of expertise.
  • 20 days of paid vacation.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • 50% of all conference expenses covered (ticket, travel, accomodation).
  • Constantly expanded library of books; new books are purchased on request.
  • 20% remote possible - remote Fridays.

If your priorities are: building high-quality apps & learning

Evojam is the Right place for you


All about working at Evojam: