0. CV/Portfolio

We carefully review your past experiences looking primarily for signs of learning and adaptability demonstrated in school, previous works or side projects.  We want to see the promise of your future awesomeness. We also seek symptoms of get-stuff-done attitude. Btw. College-degree is optional and your application doesn't have to be a CV. Just send us a link to your all-star LinkedIn profile, your interesting portfolio or homepage. Easy Peesy.


1. Homework

Most positions require a small homework assignment simulating several aspects of a working relationship with us. It's not only about assessing your skills, but also about communication, dedication, deadlines, responsiveness.. etc. We believe there's no better way to hire than to work with someone before truly committing.


2. Meeting

If all goes well we'd like to meet you. Friendly meetings will, in most cases, include you, a senior engineer involved in your specialized area and the founding team of Marek, Marek and Michał.


3. Offer

Your candidature will be thoroughly discussed internally. If we decide to hire you, you'll receive an offer following our assessment of your experience against our levels and salaries.


4. Hire

Once you've made your decision we agree on the starting date for your work and sign the contract… and live happily ever after :)