Software Development

  • Develop an online platform end-to-end.
  • Rewrite a prototype into a robust & flexible application.
  • Build a new module for your SaaS platform.
  • Augment your team during a peak demand or tight project deadlines.
  • Turn a machine learning algorithm into a real time cloud application.
  • Build a graph data processing system, like a social network or logistics process chain.
  • Build a dedicated team that can take on a long lasting project.


  • Process big data for analytics, search or other purposes.
  • Help in technology choice through research, assessment and prototyping. So that you can make a well informed decision.
  • Improve software development process through audit, training and coaching your team through a transition.
  • Boost performance of your existing solutions through bottleneck identification, architecture or technology stack improvements.

Why Evojam is a Great Choice?

We help global clients from Silicon Valley, London, Amsterdam

Our San Francisco based customer went from a startup phase to being listed on the stock market while running on Evojam's technology. Stability of our solutions allowed very high uptime over 2+ years. During that time we've been responsible for development, hosting and maintenance of the entire platform.

"I have had a pleasure of working with Evojam Team since 2013, and they are still continuing to be our most reliable software development company. (...)"

— Aditi Swamy, Head of Product at, San Francisco


Team & Expertise

Our team blends incredible talent and experience with energy and openness to novelty. Some of us previously worked for companies like:

Affiliations for identification only

Affiliations for identification only

We give conference talks on topics like Tackling a 1 Billion Member Social Network – Fast Search on a Large Graph. We regularly publish engineering articles on our blog.


You're Always In Control

  • Communication: clear & proactive.
  • Fast onboarding in new projects.
  • Flexible approach We can adapt to your existing processes or propose our proven method for delivering software.
  • Transparency through continuous delivery, short iterations, frequent demos and tools for effective collaboration: JIRA, Confluence, Slack, etc. Or the ones you prefer.
  • Sustainable productivity even in the long run thanks to our approach to software engineering and everyday practices.
  • Quality is our primary focus.
We're an official MongoDB partner

We're an official MongoDB partner

Main Technologies

  • Scala, Node.js, Java

  • MongoDB, Cassandra, Apache Spark, Neo4j

  • Akka

  • Microservices, Reactive Principles, Serverless

  • RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka

  • AWS, Cloud, Saas


Evojam is the best cloud consulting & development you can find


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