Our mission is to deliver reliable and elastic solutions for data management. Thanks to technologies, we make the big data open and actionable.


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Why Evojam is a great choice?

We help global clients from Silicon Valley, London, Amsterdam.

Our fundamentals are:

  • Quality

  • Communication - clear & proactive

  • Fast onboarding in new projects

  • Flexible approach - we can adapt to your existing processes or propose our proven method for delivering software

  • Transparency through continuous delivery, short iterations, frequent demos and tools for effective collaboration

  • Sustainable productivity even in the long run thanks to our approach to software engineering and everyday practices


Evojam provides expert development team & high-quality services:

  • Process big data for analytics, search or other purposes.

  • Help in technology choice through research, assessment and prototyping. So that you can make a well informed decision.

  • Improve software development process through audit, training and coaching your team through a transition.

  • Boost performance of your existing solutions through bottleneck identification, architecture or technology stack improvements


"I have had a pleasure of working with Evojam Team since 2013, and they are still continuing to be our most reliable software development company. (...)"

— Aditi Swamy, Head of Product at 1-Page.com, San Francisco

Interested in a data solution for your company?