We build multi-platforms apps

  • Desktop Applications for Windows & Mac
  • Mobile Apps for iOS & Android

Build once, distribute on various operating systems.


Deliver desktop or mobile app using web technologies

Recent developments of JavaScript tools allow to use the same code on many platforms. They have different names: cross-platform apps, hybrid apps or multiplatform apps. The important thing is that Electron & React Native frameworks are becoming industry standard.


Advantages of multi-platform apps

  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Cheaper build & maintenance
  • Update all platforms at the same time
  • Deliver consistent UX
  • Re-use frontend skills

Build your apps with our world-class JavaScript team

Evojam is uniquely equipped to build great hybrid apps. We provide:

  • Remarkable blend of deep expertise with the latest & greatest tech
  • Tools & process tailored to harnessing JavaScript
  • Extensive experience crafting great apps
  • Quality-focused approach

What our clients say

I have had a pleasure of working with Evojam Team since 2013, and they are still continuing to be our most reliable software development company. (...)
— Aditi Swamy, Head of Product at 1-Page.com, San Francisco
Evojam team weren’t afraid to stand firm and communicated concisely and effectively their reasoning for delivering quality architecture and code. These guys are legit.
— Matt Edmund, Partner, Head of International Operations and Strategy. Swing Development, Inc.

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