Your application developed by us will be:


Expandable & Easy to maintain

The apps we build are well crafted thanks to the tools, processes and coding culture we've developed over the years. We pay special attention to the long term dev team productivity. Our clients can be confident that their apps will be able to handle future market demands.


Fast & Easy to use

Thanks to the nature of AngularJS and thoughtful API design our apps react instantly to user actions. The backend and frontend are being updated simultaneously.

Great UX and snappy interaction result in high user satisfaction.



The apps we release to the world are thoroughly tested, the code is verified. They're powered by the best tools & techniques available on the market.

Our knowledge of JavaScript is deep. Best practices are evenly understood and used across Evojam frontend team.


Why Us?


We blog about it

We have a specialized AngularJS blog under We also blog about more general JavaScript stuff on our engineering blog


We give speeches about JavaScript

Our crew members regularly give speeches on conferences like meet.js summit or ng-meetups. During evotalks internally we share lessons learned on projects or doing research.


We knew all about Angular 2 before it was a thing

Prior to the premiere of Angular 2 we explored the area in detail. Report from this learning has proven to be useful to thousands of programmers around the world.


We do React with Redux as well

Evojam is not a one trick pony. We also have some serious expertise in React & Redux. Whether it's a classic web app or a desktop chat client. We use the right tool for the job at hand.


We're experts in the dark matter of JavaScript itself

JavaScript is tricky if not handled properly. That's why we've developed a special approach that guarantees reliability, predictability and sustainable pace of development. For example we use TypeScript to ensure strict type control and make the apps less error prone. It makes easy to introduce changes as the project scales.

Moreover we've been using JavaScript on server-side since Node.js was in alpha version.

Incredible, modern applications like Slack or Gmail have set the bar high for UX and speed of interaction. Our apps work the same way!