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We build our applications based on The Reactive Manifesto's fundamentals. At Evojam, they're embodied using Scala, Angular, Chef, Rabbit MQ and other technologies.

Thanks to this techstack, we develop even the largest applications which easily handle significant load, users or volumes of data.


We focus our culture, process and tools around quality. We use the best-of-breed developer tools to achieve the finest end products.

Our developer tools range from automatic code style checks to automated build, distribution and testing processes.


We design application architectures with careful attention to code structure. Simple, single-response services, consistent APIs and concern separation ensure long-term productivity.

These practices guarantee our apps will be highly reconfigurable, expandable and future-proof.


Massive app availability is achieved by controlling the competencies throughout the entire application stack.

Constant monitoring,  careful configuration of the network and deliberate isolation of environments in our private cloud delivers stability and security.

Evojam is a MongoDB partner.

Evojam is a MongoDB partner.


We're always a click away. Working software, code, work-in-progress and the plans are always available to the customer.