• Learning - If learning is a top priority for you then there are few better places to work at than Evojam.  Learning is a fundamental value at Evojam where you’ll acquire skills and knowledge in technology, best practices, team development and mentor-mentee relationships.
  • Internal Trainings - We believe in the power of collective knowledge and strive to teach and broadcast it to our teams.
  • Interesting Projects - We work with startups and innovative companies because the excitement and challenges that motivate us tend to be with clients who embrace change.
  • Modern Techstack - Scala, NodeJS, AngularJS, Mongo DB.
  • Mentoring -  As a senior specialist you will have a chance to consolidate your knowledge through training and supervision, while being inspired and challenged by some of the best and brightest young minds.


  • Awesome Team - Inspiring company of fellow pros and great apprentices. Sometimes we’re brutally honest but always helpful. More on The Team page.
  • Events - All work and no play doesn’t keep the doctor at bay! We do all sorts of fun stuff in-between work and after hours. From paintball and firearms testing to closed room escapes, every activity increases camaraderie and personal connections.
  • Sports - Join Evojam football team or run a marathon with us! :)
  • Ideas - We're investing time and effort in employees' ideas. Be creative, propose something awesome or join others in incubating something fun and useful.


  • Hardware - Some people do BYOB and work on their private laptops while others have Evojam's Apple or PC laptops. A large second monitor is also the rule for developers.
  • Healthy Snacks - Healthy habits are shaped by the environment - that’s why we consciously choose to deliver fruit snacks rather than sugar-infused beverages or food.  Health is a long term decision and we want great minds and bodies to be with us for a long time.
  • Unconventional Office - We're located at Warsaw University Library (BUW). More on the office page.
  • Market salary - Refer to Levels & Salaries for details.


  • Startup Ecosystem - Evojam is not only a start-up but also at the heart of opportunity in Warsaw’s start-up community. We cooperate with Warsaw’s University Accelerator Program as a Mentor Start-Up, organize and participate in technical meet-ups and develop our own in-house start-up products.
  • Charity - This year our crew decided to contribute to the Szlachetna Paczka initiative. We gathered and prepared quite a Christmas package for a family in need and we'll continue supporting causes we believe in.
  • - Evojam supports our frontend team's initiative to educate the internets on the internals of AngularJS and JavaScript. We do that on the blog.