Marek Grochala

The solid rock

Evojam is the brainchild of Marek and he’s our company's CEO. Entrepreneur, investor and software engineer, Marek somehow manages to always be there when you need him most. He's our one-stop shop for direction, support and follow-through. What can we say, without Marek there would be no Evojam.


Marek Tuchalski

The beast

Marek is a software engineer but we like to call him Mr. Nice-guy. He is extremely completion-oriented yet working with him never feels like work. He believes passionately in the future of technology based solutions and often can be found tinkering with leading and bleeding edge ideas.

Michal Nowak

The visionary

Michal is the “mystery” behind Evojam often living in strange realms and dimensions of expanded perspective. Former software engineer, he is obsessed with the relationship between people's true potential, technologies and the right market for the right product. You will always find Michal with a dry erase marker in his pocket!


Jaroslaw Czepiela

The Learner

Jaroslaw doesn't eat, he devours difficult problems. Often left with an insatiable appetite for complex JavaScript, he is known to sustain his existence off of mere scraps if necessary. Beast or beauty depending on the buffet.

Artur Bankowski

The Adventurer

Artur's friends refer to him as the “geek” because they can't keep up with his passion for life. Software developer, architect and businessman by day, Artur is the life and soul of any party who, among other things, combines hiking, photography, Unix and Open Source in his bag of tricks...for starters.

Iwona Konopka

The First Officer

Iwona’s the brave girl in Evo's crew. Using her impeccable diplomatic talents she organizes the men and company without their really knowing. Always positive and forth-coming, she is foundational to Evojam's well-organized backbone.


Pawel Jagiellowicz

The Atlas

Pawel is Evo's server maestro who has been to the internet's most remote borders and back. Gifted with computing strength since birth, he also has his own language to complement his massive talents.


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