We delivered a concise and specialised code audit service to Endouble, an Amsterdam based company that specialises in the creation and optimisation of talent acquisition platforms. Evojam provided a range of recommendations for improvements in the architecture, code base and development processes of one of their applications.

The Need for Consulting

Endouble had developed in-house a business critical back office application to support their existing clients. The Node.js app had been built some time ago and the team that developed it was no longer available. As the application was being used by more clients Endouble’s tech team decided to reach out for an external, objective assessment of the state of the application.

Project Scope

The project started with an assessment of the app functionality, its usage and the role it plays in the company. We then conducted a complete and thorough code audit covering all layers of the application: database structure, backend, API integrations and frontend. By then looking at the ways in which the application was deployed to production, we were able to provide a number of recommendations for further app expansion to help with scalability.

About Endouble

Endouble specialises in the creation and optimisation of career platforms. In their own words:

Our bespoke Talent Acquisition Platforms stand out in terms of their effective ability to find, be found and measure. We use this to help customers better understand online recruitment and the organisation of work. The recruiter is able to work more efficiently and focus on the most important thing, recruiting the best people. The end result is an increase in candidate quality and a reduction in the number of costly rejections, and associated harm to the employer’s brand reputation.

Their portfolio includes companies like Boskalis and Bol.com.

About Evojam Consulting

Evojam team's combined knowledge covers wide area of technologies and ranges from developing large e-commerce solutions, through building a complete cloud recruitment platforms up to handling vast data graphs. This enables us to reliably advise companies on their technology choices, having the long-term impact in mind.