Evojam delivered rapid frontend development services to Maxomedia, Swiss agency headquartered in Bern. They have 20 years of experience supporting Swiss and global brands in online marketing.

The Project

Back in May we've been asked to provide quick help with a big AngularJS application that was under development. The deadlines were tight, hence Maxomedia decided to look for a reliable partner. Their priorities were to deliver the application on-time and in high-quality. Evojam formed a team of 3 experienced developers who took over the selected modules. Our cooperation enabled Maxomedia to tackle the backlog of work and present the progress to their client.

In the words of Bernhard Herzig, partner at Maxomedia:

Fast and reliable delivery of services by Evojam was delightful. Starting from their responsiveness, through quick pace of delivery up to the reliability of the finished code. I highly recommend their frontend development services.

About Maxomedia

Maxomedia is an award-winning Swiss web agency with 20 years of experience in digital marketing. In their own words:

We believe in communication. A creative vision. For us, this means more than advertising. We create brand experiences that touch. People move with stories.

Maxomedia serves local and global brands like Nike, Swiss Post and others.

About Evojam Frontend

Evojam is home to one of the best frontend development teams on the market. We're experts in building sophisticated and reliable frontend applications for modern web and mobile. We blog about AngularJS and dark matter of JavaScript itself.

Evojam also builds reliable cloud backends that handle big and fast data.

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