We are glad to announce that Evojam joined Software Development Association Poland (SoDA). Here’s what this organization? What are its goals and what’s the benefit of being a member?

Goals of SoDA

The goal of the organization is to enable collaboration among companies building software in Poland. Together we form a community and SoDA is our platform for learning, exchanging experiences and ideas and collaboration on multiple fronts.

Activities - Software Development Association Poland

Software development business is pretty fragmented and consists of plenty of companies. Some of them large, most of them small or tiny. Each of us is very different. However there are common areas where it is very beneficial to collaborate:

  • Marketing & Communications
  • Sales & Partnerships
  • Law, taxes and funding
  • Meetings, training and networking
  • Diversity
  • Collaboration
  • Representing software industry to the authorities.

For example, recently SoDA has been invited to for consultations about tax changes proposed by the Polish Ministry of Finance.


SoDA Stats

Software Development Association Poland is young - it only started in 2018 and now - April 2019 - represents:

  • 45 member companies
  • 13 cities in Poland
  • 1650 software engineers and designers
  • 250M+ PLN of aggregated revenue.

Since joining the association, Evojam already established new relationships and collaborated with a couple of SoDA member companies. We view the initiative as hugely helpful and we look forward for contributing our own know-how and experience.