Evojam backend crew of five is about to hit the road to Kraków for the 2015 Lambda Days. A functional programming conference, that we officially support. This field of programming is red-hot and tickets for the event sold-out, so our expectations are high... :)

First of all there are 3 parallel tracks throughout the conference, which makes the choice of presentations a frustrating challenge. So in order to choose wisely we need to think through our expectations. What do we want to get from the event?

Feel and Probe the Functional Ecosystem

First and foremost we want to get the feel for the state of the functional programming ecosystem. What are the tools and languages others use, what benefits do they provide and whether it makes sense for us to try them out.

Apart from the presentations and the hard content we want to see who's involved in this field, what are the challenges? What are the directions of the functional programming? What are the hot topics discussed offline? What can we expect in the future? How can we contribute to the community?

Learning (See Ourselves In a Mirror)

We're very much invested in the functional programming and the best practices around it. We do lots of things the way we think is right. But there's always better tools and ways of coding, designing, etc. We wanna learn from others and bounce our practices off of other developers and see how they compare.


There's nothing better than spending awesome time with buddies over a couple of beers. Those are the cool moments when the best jokes are born and wild ideas come to mind :) Perhaps next time we're going to be the speakers at the event...