We’ve launched our new website a few weeks ago. It represents what we stand for today and is the result of the journey we went through over the past 2 years. Below is a short FAQ about what's changed.

What's New?

Today we can say that we are a team of software engineers capable of tackling the most ambitious projects. The best projects we did - 1-Page recruitment platform, live video-streaming platform - made us realize where our skills & technology shines and where the fun lies. We’re dead-serious about building high-quality, high-performance web applications that serve as the backbone of mobile, social, media and marketing platforms. 

Where did Lean Startup Go?

Our previous website (and strategy) strongly emphasized lean startup and now it's gone. Actually it's there, but behind the scenes :) We use it to further develop Evojam and to work on our own products. But it's not being offered as a service to customers anymore.

What Happened?

In the beginning of 2014 we've joined forces with an awesome dev team led by Marek Tuchalski who became our all-star new CTO and a co-founder. Their love of producing high quality code and scalable solutions played well with our approach of doing solid work, rather than quick&gritty prototypes. The team has become the seed of the current squad of super professionals.

Going further we've decided to consolidate our activities around the technologies that serve best in building scalable apps: Scala, AngularJS, MongoDB and other modern technologies and tools. We deliberately gave up on PHP, MySQL, jQuery and others in favour of tools that are best suited for building large-scale internet platforms. 


The values. We’re honest, straightforward and focused on the quality. That’s our love for delivering great work in action. Internally we’re striving to learn each day, develop our talents, have fun and be as open as possible.

What's next?

We're narrowing down our focus to work with startups that have a validated product-market fit and companies that invest in new software products. Companies that require high quality and scalability. Our culture, tools and process are uniquely suited to serve such customers. 

So now when someone asks you “Do you know anyone who can build a big, serious application to process a lot of data" - you can tell them about Evojam.

PS. Questions are welcome.