There's a big developer conference coming up soon: Code Europe. The conference will take place in Warsaw and Kraków. In both cities it features 6 tracks and a great lineup of speakers. We'll be there in two roles as an exhibitor and one of our team members as a speaker.

Update: here's a short video from the event:

We've had a pleasure to be a part of excellent Code Europe 2016 conference. This is a short impression from the event. Thanks for all the great talks and discussions!

Warsaw Edition

Date: December 7th 2016

In Warsaw we'll be present as an employer so feel free to come by and have a chat :) Any work or learning related questions are more than welcome!

Kraków Edition

Date: December 5th 2016

In Kraków Kuba Strojewski will give a talk, based on his series of blog posts about Monads in JavaScript.

About Code Europe

This conference is organised for the first time. It's produced by the same folks that brought us the Absolvent Talent Days for graduates:

So far a few thousands of participants have registered and the event has a few main themes:

See you there!