In recent months Evojam intensified efforts in supporting frontend community in Warsaw and Poland. Evojam have become a sponsor of a few events aimed at learning about frontend programming.

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Other 2017 events Evojam supported:

Evojam & Frontend Community In Poland

Evojam participates in building the frontend community in Poland since early days. This includes 2016 meet.js summit speech about monads as well as delivering 3 talks at ng-Poznań on a single day in 2015.

Evojam now wants to expand its participation in the frontend scene, by supporting events, communities and people who focus on similar things: learning & great quality work.

Evojam & Frontend Technology

Big portion of Evojam’s projects is building advanced frontend applications. The company has developed unique approach to building big, complex frontend applications. Evojam’s frontend team is capable of tackling the most demanding web platforms. Be it with the use of React, Angular, TypeScript, D3.js, WebGL or other JS-related technologies.