Today we're going to meet Aliona, our Business Developer. It's really hard to be resistant to her optimism, great energy and positive approach to the world!

Why have you decided to dive into sales area? What does it mean to you?

I have a possibility.png

Nowadays I can communicate with people from around the world, and you will never guess who will come the next day. Sales is a very broad area. It touches finance, marketing and client satisfaction. It sometimes involves cooperation with HR and other specialists in the company.

What inspires you at work?

As a Business Developer I have a possibility to create something new, explore promethean areas, be very independent and creative because I can choose how I’d like to fulfill my responsibilities. Obviously, that’s why I meet lots of failures but it only makes me stronger :)

If you had 1 million euro to create any startup you like, what would it be?

Something connected with food :) Maybe, a platform for sharing news about places, markets, festivals, bars, etc. The app would need a good UX/UI design and powerful content.