Ula Kalinowska, HR Manager of Evojam. She knows how to support our team and where to buy the best cake for a B-Day party.


Why have you decided to work in HR?

I studied psychology and I was always curious about people's ways of thinking, reasons of acting. I worked as a freelance soft-skills trainer for some time, but I wanted to find another professional area where I can make a good use of my psychology knowledge. That’s how I found my first job as a recruiter. It happened to be an opportunity in IT industry and I liked IT a lot - with its flexibility, respect to the employees, interesting projects and focus on constant self-improvement.

What HR gives you now?

HR area gives me the possibility to conduct trainings, coach, to work directly with cool and unbelievably smart people. In IT I found a big respect for my knowledge, skills and ideas, also a great responsibility - but it’s connected with a big satisfaction from my work. That’s really awesome!

What or who inspires you?

Frida Kahlo - a woman with a complicated life story, strong character and fascinating passion for life. She is an inspiring example of how not to become broken by circumstances and to keep yourself unique and creative. She is definitely my role model.