Evojam Is Changing

Evojam Is Changing

We’ve launched our new website a few weeks ago. It represents what we stand for today and is the result of the journey we went through over the past 2 years. Read a short FAQ about what's changed.

Lambda Days Expectations

Lambda Days Expectations

Evojam backend crew of five is about to hit the road to Kraków for the 2015 Lambda Days. A functional programming conference, that we officially support. This field of programming is red-hot and tickets for the event sold-out, so our expectations are high... :)

Hiring Dillema - The Communicator vs. The Coder

Let's say you are recruiting for a technical position. Whether it'sa developer, a DBA or a DevOps or any other genre. You found two fairly similar candidates. One is slightly better technically and the other one is a better communicator. Which one do you choose?

Mobile Improves the Overall Systems Architecture

Let's say that prior to mobile explosion you've had a popular site. It is very probable that there was only "the site". So you've had one rendering engine - the web view - one way to retrieve and save data to the database. Along came mobile with the need for native apps - iOS & Android - as well as the old page's younger brother - the mobile website.

Programming Is Easier Than Ever

Once again programming seems to be the vanguard of modern work. It's becoming easier and more pleasant with each passing year, month and even a week. I've noticed that after I returned to coding after a few years break.

Stop Managing!

Why would you hire best people and later manage them? Think about it - when you hire a clever, fast-learning, creative and mature person, it's plain stupid to then define their work in detail and measure it by millisecond. You're not only wasting your time. You also waste their potential!

5 Tips to Easily Onboard an External Development Team

Looking to subcontract a software project or maybe having doubts that you will receive poor quality of the coding performed? Then another concern could possibly be with the actual delivery or keeping deadlines? Those are the objections we hear the most often from our potential customers. Fortunately, there's a couple of precautions you can take to help smoothen the cooperation with an outside software development agency.

You Don't Understand Lean Startup!

You can't fully understand Lean Startup if you don't have a deep understanding of Disruptive Innovation. It's a a term coined by Clayton M. Christensen in his famous book "Innovator's Dillema". The book goes to extraordinarily deep levels to explain how Disruptive Innovation emerges, how it redefines market realities and what it means for both: established companies as well as attackers / startups. Let me explain how this relates to Lean Startup.